Land Yacht

We’re trading our sea yacht (1969 Rhodes Cheoy Lee Offshore 40) for a land yacht (2005 Sprinter van 154″ wheelbase). We still don’t know what the future holds for us, but we decided to put our cruising dreams on hold for a few years. There were several reasons for this decision:

– We had money, but we had no way to make more money. When I was single in my early 20s, I didn’t mind working hard for a while and then taking an elaborate trip to spend every last penny. But now that there is a family, three forms of health insurance, and we have become a little more in tune with basic creature comforts, we have to keep up a certain amount in the bank. We could go to the Bahamas, but we might return a little worse for the wear.

– Our daughter, Summer, is not quite old enough. We had a great time travelling the ICW and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. But, spending 8 hours on a moving boat with a toddle confined to a small space was not that fun (for me or for the toddler). Being a boat kid is a wonderful gift for a young one. But we want her to remember it. The ideal age seems to be 6-14. Old enough to do things on their own but young enough to live with their parents in a small space.

– We want a catamaran. We’ve tried the homemade catamaran and we’ve tried the affordable monohull, but there is nothing like a fully equipped production catamaran. We’re talking three bedrooms, a refrigerator (not an icebox), plentiful deck space, solar panels, water maker. That’s an expensive list but we think with a bit of hard work we can get  there.

Until then, we bought a land yacht. We have some friends and family we need to visit, and we are going to start some real estate remodeling and the van will suit our needs well for that. We are beginning the process of converting it from a work truck to a living space. I’ll send you photos when the process is complete.

He will be named, "Vincent"

He will be named, “Vincent”


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