Freelance Resume

As a freelance writer, I have completed a variety of publications, including:

Organize! – 96 page bookazine about ways to organize the house, your life, and more.

Homegrown Terrorism – A profile of America’s native terrorists. Details about the Boston Marathon Bombing, common weapons, and how terrorist organizations profile and recruit potential terrorists.

Safe Schools – A 96-page bookazine about school safety. From building safety to gun safety, a peek at how are schools are succeeding (and failing) at keeping kids safe.

100 Greatest Inventions – Published by Popular Science magazine, a list of the 100 greatest inventions over time. A profile of everything from the printing press to the microwave: a look at the inventions and inventors leading the way.

100 Greatest Mysteries – A Popular Science magazine to explain some of the greatest scientific mysteries (both solved and unsolved). Examples include the Aurora Borealis, memories, volcanic lightning, and dinosaur pee (really!).

How Everything Works – A Popular Science explaining how things work, such as electric cars, holograms, and microscopes.

Benchmark Reading Comprehension Textbooks – Short reading comprehension textbooks for 2nd-5th graders. Each textbook was 32-pages long about a single topic such as Kitchen Technology, Alternative Homes, Growing Food, and Air Travel.

Special Opscoming soon.

Please email me for additional sample writings.


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